Jed the Dog Wonder!

Dog Wonder from Darlington is just over 3 years old and a cheeky White Boxer - devilishly handsome and debonair Man About Town! As you can see, he is a bit of a poser and loves the camera as regular followers of Super_Secretary on Twitter will know.

He has us wrapped around his snow white paws. Loves a good way and his best friend is Rufus Ninja. Jeddi Boy is a very affectionate and good natured chap and everyone loves him in our street.

However...he is King of Drool and his back end can be a tad "breezy" at times. He's also a shameful bed hogger and obsessed with sticks, balls and squeaky toys! Like all dog owners though, we wouldn't change him for the World!

Thank you for all your very kind votes and Dog Wonder sends chuffs.