Cedric is a very affectionate and loving four year old pug, who loves life, despite always looking sad! He had a succesful show career winning several Best Puppy In Breed & Best of Breed awards with puppy toy group wins at open show, and qualified for Crufts at his first Championship show.

He has sired some lovely pups and is now concentrating on agility, having started his training last summer.His nickname is "Steady Cedi" - he is never going to be match his brother (Niko's) speed but concentrates hard and loves the challenge. He would be delighted to win this competiton and it might even put a smile on his sad face!

Hobbies: Eating, Looking sad, posing for photos and agility

Likes: Food, sleep, real fires, going out somewhere, being cuddled

Dislikes: Nails being clipped, having his face cleaned

Cedric lives with two other pugs and a Shar Pei in South Shields