This is Max. Max is two and he is a cross breed. He loves cuddles and running round with slippers in his mouth! He loves everyone and has an amazing personality and he is a right poser! Max was Rescued from Romania where he was being attacked and hit by stones and dodging cars, he was hungry and needed some love.
He came to England 3 months ago he is now Happy and safe in his new home in Dipton, County Durham. He is a bouncing bundle of fluff! He also has a good potential for agility
He should win to say thank you to everyone who had hope in him and paid for his journey here also to show that rescue dogs can be just as cute and lovable as puppies! oh and I have promised him if he wins he gets lots of gravy bones! 
We love you Max! x Thank you very much to everyone who votes.. you don't know how much it means to me! x