Bella is a friendly german shephard puppy, she loves children, dogs and is currently trying to win the affection of our cat (the cat isn't impressed).

Her favorite spot is on the sofa and she'll sit behind you and stretch until she has you on the edge. She may be a big dog (and still growing) but she's really gentle and loves giving cuddles! She loves playing and running around especially with other dogs. Her dopey and loving personality makes her hard not to love, even when she chews a pair of my shoes!! She loves attention and certainly isnt camera shy, normally if you put a camera up at her she'll start rolling over or does something silly ! :) 

Her ears will both be up when shes grown a little more but I think the floppy one makes her even cuter and adds to her dopey personality :) Shes a beautiful puppy with a cheeky side and she'd love your vote!! :)