Ben and Jerry

I hope this can be entered, sadly they come as a pair!

Now 2.5 years old, these lovely litter mates have been with my husband and I since they were 9 weeks old. Advertised as "Collie x Fox Terrier", although both mum and dad were cross breeds too. Which has made these two a couple of large "Heins 57's". They are silly and over excitable when meeting new people/animals and when walking out but when in the house, they like nothing more than curling up with each other infront of the fire!

The Photo:

This photo was taken after their hair cut a few months ago. Just got in after a walk, usually they snuggle but apparently that would have been too time consuming, so Jerry simply decided to lie on Ben. Niether seemed to mind and so they sayed in the position and went to seelp for over an hour.