Vinnie is a cream and white Saluki x Greyhound who is 2 years old. We got Vinnie as a rescue when he was just 10 weeks old. him and his brothers and sisters were found with their mum in a carboard box in a alley when they were just a few weeks old. They were all bald with mange, including mum, and very ill with worms.

Since then he has grown into a lovely handsome dog who loves everyone and just wants to play with anyone he sees. He loves his best friend our gsd Cassie and his feline best friend JC. He is great when he goes out to raise money for the rescue and will stand calmly to let anyone stroke him no matter how young or old.He is so calm and quiet people do not believe he is still just a youngster.

He is a dog in a million and has come so far from the little bald thing that was found. He is Beautiful inside and out and deserves to be North East Next Top Dog!