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The North East Dog Directory
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The North East Dog Directory
Northolm Pet Supplies
18a Nesham Place, Houghton le spring, Tyne & Wear, DH5 8AG
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Who we are, which pets do we own and why should you deal with Northolm Pet Supplies? Well apart from the fact that we are qualified to prescribe and dispense medicines that are normally only available from your vet or from qualified people such as us we are a much cheaper way for you to care for your pet with your regular treatments like Drontal Plus, Frontline Spot On, Prescription Diets and Horse wormers. But thats not all........ Don’t be Shy . Here at Northolm we’re a well socialised bunch who like nothing better than hearing about our customers and their four legged friends. Call us. We love to chat about anything but what we know best is pets and how to keep your best friends at the top of their game. Northolm is always just a mouse click or phone call away and we deliver right to your door, wherever in the UK you live. We offer friendly, knowledgeable advice, always do our very best to save you money and have a range of products that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else in one place. Our pedigrees are top notch – between us we’ve shared our lives with everything from huskies to hamsters, rabbits to reptiles. And Stacey once had a pet lobster, you might want to ask her about that. You’re most likely to speak to: Pauline was inspired to found Northolm after an accident left her stuck at home struggling to find the products she needed for her Siberian Huskies at a price she could afford, delivered right to her door. With years of experience in gundogs, Greyhounds and a King Charles Cavalier called Benji, karate black belt Pauline lives with 15 huskies and includes sled dogs, dog showing, agility and gundog trials amongst her hobbies. Plans for the future? To make Northolm an even better shopping experience and to help secure a happy ending at last for the giant loggerhead turtle still imprisoned in Dubrovnik Aquarium ( Stacey has had dogs for ever (as well as a cat, a hamster, rabbits, fish, bearded dragons, tadpoles and that lobster!). She is currently owned by three Border Collies but reckons her favourite breed of all time is the good old mongrel as they’re all a little bit different, just like her really! Stacey recently passed her driving test and when not talking pets here at Northolm, keeps herself busy with an impressive list of hobbies. Shameful secret ? Stacey once told her children their dad was Robbie Williams ! You could maybe ask her about that, and the lobster of course. When Chloe was a little girl, she wanted to grow up to be a lady bird. Instead she grew up with a passion for helping people find the products they need for the pets in their life at a price they can afford and came to work at Northolm. She currently owns a cat called Tinker and a Border Collie named Jake. Chloe lists her dislikes as wet wooden spoons and any sport involving a ball, so when you speak to her, please don’t invite her to play beach wooden spoon tennis. Wormers, dog food, horse supplements are all safe topics of conversation. And chocolate. Everyone at Northolm likes to talk chocolate. Pauline, Stacey, Chloe and the rest of us at Northolm hope you find what you’re looking for on our website. If you don’t or there is something you’d like us to stock, please give us a shout and we will do our best to help you.

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