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The North East Dog Directory
The North East Dog Directory
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To add a dog simply click ‘View all Discussions’, and then ‘Create New Topic’, there will be a drop down menu for you to select either ‘Lost’ or ‘Found’. 


Try and include as much detail as possible, and if you can upload a photograph of the dog. 

Leaving a reply- Do you recognise this dog, or have you had a sighting? Have you got something else to add? Have you got another photograph?, then leave a reply by clicking on 'View all replies' and then click 'Leave a reply'.
Please leave any relevant information that may lead to the reuniting of this dog with its owner. 

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The North East Dog Directory

Sighted x2 medium sized dogs at Rising Sun Country Park at about 15:30 16/12/17. On the visitors centre side of the park but close to the farm and hills. x1 tan coloured x1 black - breed unknown. When returned with help they had gone 

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Lovely border terrier - found wandering near Longbenton Metro Station 21 Jan 2017 - sand colour.  If this is your pooch, please call 07940412113

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As of this week Cleadon kennels now cover Gateshead Council too, so if anyone is from that way on and looses their dog it will go over to them. So far they have had 3 dogs, 2 staffys and a chocolate lab, both staffys are chipped but the lab isn't. They also get dogs in from Sunderland and South Shields. Their contact number is 0191 529 2369. Please spread the word.
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*Please note this an example of what your topic can look like* Please provide as much information as possible. Date (When was the dog found) : Name (if known): Breed: Description (does the dog have any distinguishing features): Location (Where was the dog picked up): Contact: If you have one upload a photograph of the dog in question by choosing the file below.
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The North East Dog Directory