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Basic Guide

The North East has a fantastic range of activities and sports on offer. If you’re looking for something different to do with your dog, then check out our quick and easy guide below. Simple and to the point these basic explanations give you a rough idea of what each activity entails. You never know; the dog lying by your feet might just be the next champion. If we have missed anything of this list, please drop us an email and let us know!

Please do not start new topics in this section, although we welcome replies to each training activity with your own personal experiences. 

If you’re interested in getting involved in any of the activities, search our online database to find a training club near you. 

The North East Dog Directory

Ever watched the dogs on Britain’s Got Talent and thought, my dog can do that!

Well maybe Heelwork to Music is your activity. A recent competitive sport; owners devise routines of up to four minutes, set to music and performed with your dog. There are two categories - Heelwork to Music and Freestyle.

Don’t be fooled by the music and costumes though, Heelwork to Music is extremely hard work, with similar elements of competitive obedience, nevertheless it is a very rewarding activity for both you and your dog.

Take a look on YouTube for some of the most spectacular displays of Heelwork To Music from around the World.

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Fast paced and fun; agility is a fantastic sport growing in the North East.

Your dog does not have to be a pedigree dog to take part, obstacles include, Jumps, A-Frame, Dog Walk, See-Saw, Weaves, Tunnel, and a Wall to name but a few.

Dogs must be 12months old before they can train on full height equipment, however there are training clubs that offer specialized pre-agility classes for younger dogs. If you’re looking for something that little bit different than agility really is a very rewarding form of training (For you and your dog).

Your dog must be fit and able to take part, but no previous experience is necessary, so if you find yourself raring to go, search our listings and contact your local clubs now for advice and training times.

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Flyball is another popular sport in the North East.

A more recent sport brought over from America, competitive Flyball is loud, fast and a spectacular crowd pleaser. Two teams of four dogs race against each other, clearing four hurdles and hitting a specially designed spring loaded Flyball box, which releases a tennis ball. The dog must catch the ball and then race back over the four hurdles.

Flyball is a fantastic way to meet new friends, it’s a team sport, so a great social activity for both you and your dog.

Your dog does not need to have any previous experience or be pedigree to take part.

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Gundog training is available to everyone, not just those that want to compete, or work their dogs.

Perhaps you want to dip your toes in the water and see if it’s for you? Then maybe a gundog training class is what you want for you and your dog. It is a fantastic activity that helps create a strong bond between dog and handler. You may also find ‘have a go scurry’s’ at local events, another great way to try out a new thing with your dog. If you are unsure if this activity is right for you and your dog, seek advice from your local training club. Field Trails and Working Gundog Tests are different and should be considered after consulting with your trainer.

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Companion dog showing is exactly what is says on the tin.

A fun and friendly way to show off your prize pooch. Companion dog shows are popular around the North East and the most likely place to find them is at your local show. Your dog does not have to be a pedigree to enter the companion classes, but you may find there are pay on the day classes specifically for pedigree dogs. Categories range from waggiest tail, to best doggy smile, and not forgetting dog most likes its owner.

Great fun, and a great addition to a family day out, you might just find you walk away with a rosette.

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