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The North East Dog Directory
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Reviews and Testimonials
Fab Artist - couldn't of got a better portrait of our dog!

I had seen lots of Caroline's work and was always amazed at how lifelike they were so commisioned a portrait of our dog as a surprise 30th birthday present for my hubby! I could not of got him a better gift as he was overwhelmed with the exact detailing of the picture. It is so lifelike that when I uploaded it as my Facebook profile picture my friends genuinely thought it was a photograph and couldn't believe it was actually a portrait. I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough - her work is beautiful - just look at her facebook page for the updates to see a quality artist working from scratch to produce an exact replica of your treasured photograph.

Created by : Lisa WALKER
Amazing Artist ... Delightful Drawings!!

I had seen & been impressed by Caroline's art work before I commissioned her to draw two pictures of my mischievous puppies Poppy & Roly (aka Feral & Growly) Caroline posts work in progress pics on Facebook and it is amazing to see the subjects come to life as she captures them and their personalities in her drawings. There was something very special watching & looking forward to the progress updates of my own puppies being drawn. The first picture she drew of Poppy & Roly was an action pose of them play fighting. That is my favourite picture ever as it captures their playfulness & mischievousness so well. The attention to detail is amazing, I look at their little white teeth & their expressions and wonder how on earth Caroline managed to get them so perfectly right. The other drawing is more of a posed portrait which is my husband's favourite (I love it too but love action shots the best, just personal preference but that's not a problem as Caroline is excellent at drawing both styles) When I was unable to get a photo of Poppy & Roly in the poses we wanted, Caroline came to our house and spent time photographing Poppy & Roly until we were happy with a pose we wanted her to draw. Not only a remarkable artist but the patience of a Saint!! We were delighted with the end result as once again she drew Poppy & Roly to perfection! Then last Christmas I commissioned Caroline to draw a bespoke Christmas Card, yes of course it had Poppy & Roly on it!! & It was absolutely brilliant!! I have never had so many people thanking me for sending them such a lovely card. Even my 'non-doggy' friends loved it. Caroline is an excellent artist who takes time to ensure your drawing is exactly what you want

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The North East Dog Directory