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Peace of Mind

Petnanny have been taking care of our dog for the past 10 years.  Tash love them and they take such good care of her.  As she has aged (she is now 15) the nannies have taken the time and trouble to make sure that the walks she gets suit her changing needs - which with Tash can be daily changes.  On a slow day she gets several short walks, on a good day she get a long walk and is encouarged to play.

All the dogs get regular health checks and Caroline and her team are always contactable with advice or for a second opinion.

I would not be without them and cannot recommend them highly enough.

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Is it a dog walker??? No it's Petnanny Supernanny!!!!

Petnanny has looked after our dogs when we are at work for over 2 years and I can highly recommend them to anyone needing a top class pet service. Poppy & Roly were 8 week old puppies when they first joined Petnanny and I can honestly say its the best decision we have made for them. They go out & have fun & we have peace of mind knowing they are well cared for, then we come home to happy, exercised and content dogs. Every day is a new adventure for the Petnanny dogs, they have walks in parks & countryside, they swim in rivers & streams and even have trips to the beach. It's not all about dog walking though, Petnanny also monitors their health and let's us know if she thinks our dogs are unwell. She also has grooming days where our dogs come home all spruced up, nails cut and even teeth cleaned if they need it!! Petnanny dogs soon become socialised, well behaved & good mannered as Petnanny incorporates training into their daily walks. It is so impressive to see a group of dogs walking of lead to heel alongside Petnanny or all sitting together doing a group sit-stay waiting for Petnanny to say 'GOOOO' which means they are free to run and play with their friends. If people could see Poppy & Roly eagerly watching for Petnanny to arrive in the morning, then rushing out to greet her with their little bodies wiggling & tails wagging with excitement, that would show how much they love their time with Petnanny & you can't get a better testament than that! All I can say is Thank You Caroline Sam & Alex, We appreciate ALL that you do, you are the best!!!

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My Hero's

Where do you start with a review about petnanny ?. True dedication to a job they obviously love. Caroline, Sam and Alex do a wonderful job looking after your precious baba's. They go that extra mile every day. Your fee is for an hours work but every day is much much more than that. My two dogs love their petnanny days. They come home exhausted every day. They give much much more that paid for. From training to boarding and everything in between. We have a gang called 'petnanny's mammies and daddies (of course) on fb and have a good old get together now and again. you get so much more than a dog walking service with petnanny. You get a bunch of lovely people who want to get involved because petnanny is such fun to be involved with.

Created by : Pat Grieve
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