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The North East Dog Directory
The North East Dog Directory
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The North East has some of the most spectacular coastline and parks in the country, so its no wonder so many people choose to holiday here with their dogs. If you live in the North East and fancy a bit of a change then take a stroll through our walks below. Don’t forget to pack a brollie and suncream! Just incase. 

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Whether you want a 10minute stroll, or 10-mile hike, read our reviews below.

Similar to our ‘Events Section’, Walkapedia gives you the opportunity to upload your favourite walks, no matter how long or how short, and no matter where they are. Share your perfect walk below.

To mark the launch of our website, we ran a fantastic competition for our users. The very talented Kate Simpson kindly donated her time for a beautiful A3 commission for one very lucky dog owner. 


Check out Kate's spectacular work on Facebook. 


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The North East Dog Directory

If you have a walk you would like to add simply click ‘View all Discussions’, and then ‘Create New Topic’.

Fill in all the details of your walk, location, type of terrain, is it subtle for all or only experienced walkers? Is it mostly off lead walking? Are there any lakes where your dog could go for a swim? Make sure you give as much detail as possible.

You can even map out your favourite route, and of course don’t forget to post a photograph of your pooch enjoying itself. 

Leaving a reply: Have you got something to add? The North East Dog Directory allows you to interact with other users all over the site; so if you have been on this walk, or similar, let us know!. What was your favourite thing about it? Would you recommend it? Have you got an amazing photograph, then leave a reply by clicking on 'View all replies' and then click 'Leave a reply'.

The North East Dog Directory