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The North East Dog Directory
The North East Dog Directory
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A big thank you to all that have helped us so far.

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If you have a question that we haven’t answered below, then drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


So, what counts as the North East region? 

Well, if your catchment area is within the North East and your target market for clients is the North East than you are more than welcome to list your business. 

The map on our Facebook page gives a rough idea of what is considered ‘The North East’ Region. If you bear in mind that people will be searching our listings using their own postcode, we have fantastic scope in being able to accommodate the entire dog related service sector in the North East.

Please note, ‘Premium Listings’ are only available to businesses in the North East Region and businesses that list themselves as an ‘Online Service’ and therefore deliver to the North East.  If your business is not strictly within the North East then you are welcome to submit free or standard listings. 


What do you do for North East rescues and charities?

As a Rescue Centre/Charity you are able to house a Standard listing for free. No matter how big or how small your establishment is. Being listed on our site also means that you are eligible to receive funding from us during the year. The amount is not guaranteed, but we are working to be able to offer sponsorship and cash donations throughout the year to those listed with us. This money is generated from our Standard and Premium advertisers, so a big thankyou to them.

As a Rescue Centre/Charity you will also have access to our ‘Dogs needing homes’ page. This section is open to the public and will only feature dogs from Rescue Centre’s and Charities from around the region. The public will not be able to upload dogs to this section. As a registered rescue, you will be able to inform people about your rehoming and donation polices, and can also act as a contact point for anyone interested in giving a dog its forever home.


What does the total represent on your home page?

That figure shows the total amount of money that Standard and Premium advertisers have raised through listing on our site. It is what we give out throughout the year to help sponsor and fundraise events and activities.  This total does not represent the total amount available. So far:The North English Springer Spaniel Rescue- Easter Fun Weekend, Hare n Hound’s Agility League, Fun Dog Show in Consett, Rescue Aid For Animals.

Since our 1st Birthday in April 2013 we have decided to have one dedicated charity each year, this charity will receive all the money from the fundraising pot from that year's advertisers, so get spreading the word and get businesses advertising.  This year’s charity is SHAK – Safe Homes and Kindness. 


How does your review and testimonial system work?

We have now updated our review system. Our star rating no longer exists on any ratings. However all 'standard' and 'premium' listings now have reviews and testimonials. These are moderated by the business and not published publicly until reviewed by the business. If you are a business these options are available via your edit section. You can now encourage customers/clients to leave reviews for your business; the number of reviews the business has received is displayed under your title. Users must have an account to leave a review, as this enables us to keep an accurate record.


Why can’t I add topics, or interact with the site?

Please make sure that you are logged into your account in order to interact with features of the site. If this does not solve any issues, please drop us an email.

What are you current updates? Is there anything that we can get involved in?

Events: We have revamped our events section, so make sure you utilize this page to add any events you are organizing or know of. Users can now view the event location on a map, as well as in date order. 

All of our sections now have full HTML content editing to make the site more user friendly.

We encourage you to get involved with the forum, and our interactive gallery.

Our ‘News/Articles’ section of the website is for all the weird and wonderful stories in the Dog World.

We are also keen to see success stories from around the North East; has your business won any awards, or do you have a fantastic start up story? Are you a Crufts champion living in Newcastle? Then write and let us know. Perhaps you have found a fantastic training article, or you’re a dog blogger in your spare time?

To add your article or news piece head across to our site and log in; please make sure you have prior permission to distribute articles, and that all information is correct, spell checked and referenced where necessary. The North East Dog Directory takes no responsibility for content published here. 

You can also email it to us directly. It helps us bring more stories to life and works as free publicity for your business. 

The North East Dog Directory is looking for everyone to help in making sure we become a knowledge resource. Here are just a few of the ways that you can help our website. The more traffic-generated means more people see your listings, which means more customers/clients.  

Can you stock some of our flyers or give them out at events you are attending?

Can you add our URL to your business website?- This would be a HUGE help.

Get your clients/customers to review your services.

Share us on Facebook and Twitter.

Add Events, Walk, News and Articles. 

Contact any local business not already listed- No matter what dog related service you provide, and no matter how big or how small your business is, we want you to post a free listing. If your not listed with us, then people can’t find you. 

Take part in our Forum. 

Can you put our logo anywhere, perhaps Facebook, business website?

Can you blog about us?

Can you help with press releases and get us into local press?

Contact us and let us know what we are doing right and wrong, submit suggestions.  

Have you had customers/clients through our website? Maybe your training day numbers have increased. Let us know. 

The North East Dog Directory