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The North East Dog Directory
The North East Dog Directory
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Dogs needing homes

This section of our website is dedicated wholly to the rescue centers and charities in the North East. They do an amazing job every year in making sure that dogs go to their forever homes.

It is very difficult to moderate public listings, which is why The North East Dog Directory has decided that due to the nature of this section, unfortunately no dogs, other than those submitted by registered charities and rescues may be listed here.

If circumstances change within your life, and you are unable to care for your dog, please seek advice from the professionals and those that work in these services. 

The North East Dog Directory

If you have a dog that you would like to add simply click ‘View all Discussions’, and then ‘Create New Topic’. 

Please provide as much information as you can concerning the dog. You are also welcome to state any polices that your organization may have with regards to rehoming, donations and house visits etc. You can then upload a photograph of the dog. 

We ask that you please state which organisation you are from somewhere within the post. 

The North East Dog Directory