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The North East Dog Directory
The North East Dog Directory
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A big thank you to all that have helped us so far.

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Upload a photograph of your dog/dogs and let people know about them. This is your chance to brag about your beautiful best friend!.


A big thankyou to everyone that took part in 'The North East Next Top Dog Model' in association with Star Paws Pet Photography. Find Star Paws online and on Facebook

The competition was a fantastic success with 168 entries and over 20,000 votes cast. The 5 well deserved finalists will appear below shortly and our judge will choose the winner by Friday. 


A quick word from our Judge. The wonderful Donna Petch. 

Hi Everyone, I'm Donna and I run The North East HUB, A New Online Organisation to help Promote The North East of England. We use reviews, social media and adverts to promote you, find out more here and follow us on twitter and facebook!

I'm really pleased to be judging this competition as I have been following and supporting The North East Dog Directory from the beginning. I love dogs and had an Alsatian when I was young, definitely a man and women's best friend.

See our Facebook page for the five finalists. Once our website is updated we should have a winner within the week. 


*The Prize* 

The winner as chosen by our judges will become the face of The North East Dog Directory but they will also win a Star Paws at home or out on location photo-shoot, plus a 16x12 canvas, plus a 6x4 acrylic block (Worth over a whopping £250).

 Click to see some of Star Paws work on their Facebook page. 

You must be logged into your account to use this feature. This gallery is for dogs only, if you have business photographs, please feel free to post them on our Facebook wall. 

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